ALERT action is used to give an alert message on the screen. An alert needs to display a title and message.

  • Title and message are specified in input_parameter_list attribute.

    • input_parameter_list=”<title>, <message>”
    • input_parameter_list=”CONSTANT:Alert, CONSTANT:This is alert message”
  • target_parameter_list=”title, message”

  • Since the alert message is displayed on the same screen target = “”

Android iOS
../_images/alert_android.png ../_images/ios_alert.png
Attributes Value Mandatory
action_name ALERT Yes
event_list comma separated list of events, eg: TAP Yes
target “” No
input_parameter_list two comma separated parameters, first one for title and second for message Yes
target_parameter_list title,message Yes


<control type="PUSHBUTTON" x="39" y="54" width="16" height="8"
             appearance_name="red" data_type="VARCHAR" default_value="Delete">
                        <action event_list="TAP" action_name="ALERT" target="" input_parameter_list="CONSTANT:Alert, CONSTANT:This is alert message"
                                            target_parameter_list="title, message"/>


You can call ALERT action from a your custom functions also. See How to add functions in the project?