CALL_PHONE action invokes the mobile phone application and asks user permission to dial the number or not. If the requirement is to dial the phone directly, then you need to use action PLACE_CALL is used

Attributes Value Mandatory
action_name CALL_PHONE Yes
event_list comma separated list of events, eg: TAP Yes
input_parameter_list paramater containing phone number Yes
target_parameter_list “phone_number” Yes


  • target_parameter_list MUST BE equal to “phone_number”. target_parameter_list=”phone_number”

Example 1

In this example, the user enters the phone number. On tap of PUSHBUTTON the device phone application is invoked. The keypad is displayed with the phone number filled in. CALL_PHONE does not place the call directly.


  • field_name=”phone_no_to_call” in the EDIT control.

  • In the action CALL_PHONE for PUSHBUTTON control
    • input_parameter_list=”phone_no_to_call”
    • target_parameter_list=”phone_number”
<control type="EDIT" x="35" y="3" width="60" height="8" appearance_name="edit_box" data_type="VARCHAR"
            field_name="phone_no_to_call" size="80" keyboard_type="PHONE"/>
<control type="PUSHBUTTON" x="35" y="13" width="60" height="8" appearance_name="blue_button" data_type="VARCHAR"
                            <action event_list="TAP" action_name="CALL_PHONE"
                                            input_parameter_list="phone_no_to_call" target_parameter_list="phone_number"/>

Example 2

In this example, the user provides a static phone number on the screen, which when tapped invokes the device phone application. The keypad is displayed with the phone number filled in. CALL_PHONE does not place the call directly.


  • In the TEXT control
    • default_value=”18889990000”
    • field_name=”static_phone_no_to_call”
  • In the action CALL_PHONE for TEXT control
    • input_parameter_list=”static_phone_no_to_call”
    • target_parameter_list=”phone_number”
<control type="TEXT" x="2" y="21" width="25" height="8" appearance_name="black" data_type="VARCHAR"
            default_value="18889990000" field_name="static_phone_no_to_call">
                        <action event_list="TAP" action_name="CALL_PHONE"
                                            input_parameter_list="static_phone_no_to_call" target_parameter_list="phone_number"/>

The figure below shows the dialer invoked on Android simulator. In iPhone simulator, dialer does not get invoked. You will see the dialer on iPhone device only.


Reference tutorial

This chapter uses source code from appemble-tutorial-actions. If you have not downloaded tutorial source code, click on Download Source Code - Tutorials

Android - Right click on appemble-tutorial-actions and click on Run as Android application.

iOS - Select scheme appemble-tutorial-actions and iPhone x.x simulator. Click on Product -> Run.