Appemble Plug-ins

Push Notification

Push Notification plugin enables your app to receive messages without actually opening the app.

Each market place (Apple, Google) has its own push notification services. This plugin hides the underlying implementation differences between the market places, giving you very simple to add push notifications service into your app.

Plugin Reference Download Plugin & Sample Project
Push Notification - Apple coming soon
Push Notification - Google

In App Purchase

In App Purchase plugin allows you to add purchase or subscription of products or premium features from your app. The premium features are purchased from the market place where your app is published and downloaded from. AVM supports the following market places - Apple, Google and Amazon.

Each market place has a different technical solution to complete the in-app purchase. This plugin greatly simplifies and minimizes the time it takes to integrate the in-app purchases for different market places by providing actions common actions

  • REQUEST_PURCHASE to make a purchase.
  • RESTORE_TRANSACTIONS to restore the purchase history.

Once the product gets purchased (or cancelled, subscription expired), the plugin generates an event ON_PRODUCT_PURCHASE_STATE_CHANGE. You can associate an action with this event to inform your server about this.

Plugin Reference Download Plugin & Sample Project
In App Purchase - Apple coming soon
In App Purchase - Google
In App Purchase - Amazon

Location Services

Location Services plugin allows users to search by location, advanced search, show on map, show driving directions

Plugin Reference Download Plugin & Sample Project
Location Services - Apple coming soon
Location Services - Google  


Charts plugin allows 10 different types of charts.

Plugin Reference Download Plugin & Sample Project
Charts - Android
Charts - iOS coming soon


Coverflow control is a plugin that allows viewing images in coverflow style.

Plugin Reference Download Plugin & Sample Project
Coverflow - Android  
Coverflow - iOS


Facebook plugin allows users to signup using Facebook and access Friends list from Facebook

Plugin Reference Download Plugin & Sample Project
Facebook - Android coming soon
Facebook - iOS coming soon