Control: LINE

Line control is used to display a line on a screen. To display a line, you need to specify the following attributes

  • <control type=”LINE”>
  • width specifies the length of the line. It can be a float value.
  • height specifies the thickness of the line. It can be a float value.
  • x specifies starting x position
  • y specifies starting y position
  • appearance_name specifies background color, transparency. Learn more about appearance


<control type="LINE" x="5" y="8" width="90" height=".3" appearance_name="blue_bkgrnd"  default_value=""/>


In the above example appearance “blue_bkgrnd” should be defined in appearance.xml

Reference tutorial

This chapter uses source code from appemble-tutorial-buttons-imgs. If you have not downloaded tutorial source code, click on Download Source Code - Tutorials

Android - Right click on appemble-tutorial-buttons-imgs and click on Run as Android application. See the line control code in buttons.xml

iOS - coming soon