How to create a new Appemble App for Android


  1. Make a copy of appemble-android-template project and name it to yourproject. You can do this using Edit | Copy and Edit | Paste. yourproject can be any name you choose.


You can skip steps 2-4 in the beginning and go directly to Step 5. Steps 2-4 are mandatory when the app is packaged.

  1. In yourproject/AndroidManifest.xml file, replace the highlighted values

  2. In yourproject/src/com.appemble.bootstrap/, replace the package name with your package name.

    import com.**yourcompanyname.yourproject**.R;
  3. In yourproject/res/values/strings.xml, replace the highlighted values

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
        <string name="app_name">**Your App Name**</string>
        <string name="system_dbname">**appemble-template**-system.sqlite</string>
        <string name="content_dbname">**appemble-template**-content.sqlite</string>
        <integer name="content_db_version">1</integer>
        <string name="function_package_name">com.**yourcompanyname.yourproject**.
        <string name="user_agent">**Your App Name 1.0.0**</string>
  4. In xmldblib/, replace db name with yourdb name that you specified in strings.xml.

    • The name of the yourproject-content.sqlite in strings.xml must match with the name in assets/yourproject-content.sqlite
    • The name of yourproject-system.sqlite in strings.xml must match with the name in xmldblib/
  5. In yourproject/app-def, modify or add new screen xml files as per your requirements.

    • screen_deck.xml
    • appearance.xml
    • your screens

  6. Image files go in yourproject/assets folder

  7. Right click on yourproject. Click on Run As -> Android Application.

    This will launch the application on Android Emulator. You just created your first application successfully!!

  • If you still run into issues, please contact

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