Quick Start Guide for AVM - ios

Get started on Appemble development environment for iOS, and run the “Hello World” application on iOS Simulator. MAC is a must.

1 Download and Install XCode
2 Download and Install appemble-ios-template
3 Run template app
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Download and Install XCode

  1. Download XCode from Apple’s website.
  2. Install Xcode: Unzip and install the package file.

Download and Install appemble-ios-template

Download appemble-ios-template. appemble-ios-library is enclosed in the template download.

Git Zip
  • Download ios-template-download.sh.

  • Copy ios-template-download.sh to your workspace or location of your choice

  • Open Terminal or any GUI for Git

    • Change dir to where you want to keep the project for eg: cd workspace
    • Make the script executable - chmod 755 ios-template-download.sh
  • Run ./appemble_ios_template_download.sh <password>

    For password contact support@appemble.com.

    It will create appemble-ios-template folder which has appemble-ios-library and appemble-ios-template


Library and template project will be downloaded as one zip

Run template app

  1. If you have downloaded from Git go to the folder where the you have appemble-ios-template. If you downloaded zip file, unzip it. You will see

  2. Open appemble-template-workspace.xcworkspace by double clicking on that. The project will show as in fig below.

  3. On the left top corner of XCode window, you will see scheme. Make sure that the scheme is set to appemble-ios-template>iPhone/iPad x.x Simulator.

    _images/select_project.png _images/select_simulator.png _images/ios_quickstartguide2.png
  4. Click on Product -> Run to see output on simulator.


    After the simulator is invoked, you will see

If you still run into issues, please contact

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