XMADL element : <screen_deck>

A mobile application is a set of screens called a screen_deck. This XMADL element allows the app writer to specify properties of the application. It is generally recomended to define this element in the file called “application.xml” though any file name can be used.

Attributes Description Mandatory Values
version Describes the version number of the app No  
name Describes the name of the app No  
short_description Gives short description of the app No  
long_description Gives the long description No  
publisher_name Describes the publisher name No  
publish_date Describes the publishing date of this version of the app No  
title_background Sets the title background for the entire app No hex code, example: #474747 image, example: titlebar.png
background Sets the background for the entire app No hex code, example: #FFFFFF image, example: app_bkgrnd.png
dimensions_relative_to Dimensions of a child control specified in percentage can be relative to its PARENT or SCREEN. No PARENT (default) SCREEN
starting_screen_name Describes the screen name of the first screen in the app Yes  


<screen_deck name="appemble-tutorial" version="1.0" short_description="Appemble Tutorial App"
          long_description="Appemble tutorial app" publisher_name="Appemble"
          publish_date="2012-05-31" starting_screen_name="screen_1" background="tu_background.png"

Reference Tutorials

You can see the source code for screen_deck in any of the tutorial projects. If you have not downloaded tutorial source code, click on Download Source Code - Tutorials

Android - appembl-android-tutorial/<tutorial project>/<app-def..>/application.xml

iOS - appemble-ios-totorial/<tutorial project>/Project/Resources/<app-def..>/application.xml