Tutorial 13 - How to invoke map application

What you will learn in this Tutorial

How to use SHOW_MAP action

Download Source Code - Tutorials - Source for this tutorial is in appemble-tutorial-actions
Reference Actions, SHOW_MAP action


SHOW_MAP action is used to open the map displaying the desired address. For utilizing the map service provided by Google and Apple, you have to make sure that the service is enabled. See more in SHOW_MAP action.

How to use SHOW_MAP action

In order to display a map corresponding to the address, you need to use SHOW_MAP action.

The code shown below prompts the user to enter the address and on tapping SHOW_MAP, the map application is invoked.

<screen name="mapurlactions" screen_type="SCREEN" allow_reorientation="true" allowed_layouts="BOTH"
            width="100" height="100" menuOrder="1" menuName="Map-URL" tab_group_name="tabgroup1">
                    <control type="TEXT" x="0" y="1" width="100" height="6" default_value="Try Actions"
                             appearance_name="white" data_type="VARCHAR">
                    <control type="TEXT" x="2" y="3" width="57" height="8" appearance_name="black" data_type="VARCHAR"
                    <control type="EDIT" x="35" y="3" width="57" height="15" appearance_name="edit_box" data_type="VARCHAR"
                             field_name="address" size="80"/>
                    <control type="PUSHBUTTON" x="35" y="21" width="57" height="8" appearance_name="blue_button" data_type="VARCHAR"
                                                 <action event_list="TAP" action_name="SHOW_MAP"
                                                         target="" input_parameter_list="address" target_parameter_list="address"/>

Test the app appemble-tutorial-actions. If you have not downloaded tutorial source code, click on Download Source Code - Tutorials

Android - Right click on appemble-tutorial-actions and click on Run as Android application.

iOS - Select scheme appemble-tutorial-actions and iPhone x.x simulator. Click on Product -> Run.

Enter address and tap SHOW_MAP. SHOW_MAP invokes the map application.


  • On Android simulator if there is no map service set up it will not work. Test on device.
Android ../_images/map_form1.png ../_images/android_map1.png
iPhone ../_images/ios_mapform1.png ../_images/ios_map1.png

Learn more about setting up the app for map service, when the app needs to be published on Google play and iTunes. Amazon support coming soon.